Thursday, March 31, 2011

Checking in with Myself

You know that way that children have of expressing their needs as if each one is an emergency and must be addressed NOW!? It sends me into a panic. My stress level rises immediately, and I've been known to raise my voice at them or shush them angrily just because I know it's not an emergency and I'm peeved that they stressed me so.

In my better moments, what seems to get me through, without having a tantrum of my own, is to plant my feet firmly on the ground and center myself by focusing on my torso (stomach area... but it moves) and ask, "Is there anything I really need to take care of before responding to my child?" Usually the answer is "no" but just asking helps immensely, because I've given myself the space and opportunity to take care of myself and choose.

Jolene =)

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  1. Me too! I go right into stress and fix-it mode. I like playing with the idea of whether anything needs to be fixed.