Friday, June 3, 2011

Why Unschool?

This bit from a 17-year-old unschooling blogger is so sweet that I'm crying over here. To me, it just shows how I can best treat my child like a person, and contrasts with how the acceptable way of treating a child in mainstream culture is like treating them as less than a whole person.

Once, when I was just beginning to garden, a lecturer at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show reminded everyone in the audience that seeds and gardeners have the same goals. As a gardener, we don't have to fret and fuss so much, just make sure there is good soil, water and sunlight, and that seed, by it's own will and knowing, will GROOOOW!!!

We are happiest here in our house when I treat the children in my life the same way. I am real with them, I am thoughtful with them, I provide the basics (roof, food, clothes, love, friendship...) and trust them to succeed by following their hearts.

My children are learning all that they need to know to get where they want to go!

Jolene =)

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