Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Amazing Man

John usually has the camera, but sometimes I remember to grab it. I finally have some pictures of him. These are from our Sunday afternoon trip up "Le Saleve," the mountain we can see from our livingroom. Thank you, John, for taking me to the mountaintop!

John is a wonder in my life, and with him, I feel wonderful!

I so appreciate all that John is and does: connecting with his family from the heart, accepting all the silly things I do and encouraging me to follow my heart, going to work each day to consistently provide our creature comforts, following his passions, being adventurous, skipping with me, being my rock and still managing to roll with me....

Oh, and he's a gamer and a technology geek, which I absolutely love, because I have no clue. This also reminds me of how John has contributed to my growth around media (TV, internet, video games, etc....), and has helped me to let go of old ideas about their value in our lives. And that brings me again to unschooling and what a great partner John is in this unschooling journey. He is so open and trusting of the life process of following one's passions, knowing that they will lead us to our best possible place. So that wraps up my big shout-out to my wonderful husband, John.
Go John! You rock Humanity!
I love you!
Jolene =)


  1. I really like your blog! I found from the AlwaysUnschooled list. You and your family are beautiful....

    Keep on Living well!


  2. Thanks Susan! I want my blog to be authentic and inspiring, so if you'd like to give any comments to head me further in that direction, they are welcome, too. Jolene =)