Monday, May 4, 2009

Not So Good Moments

This blog is pretty joyful. I'm pretty joyful most of the time. But of course, there's more to life than always feeling happy and things going great.

Like right now, for example. I'm feeling pretty down in the dumps about not getting what I need or want. I find that living with a young one can be very straining. I mean really, they're incapable of reason, at least in the way adults expect reason. The whole world revolves around them and consideration for others rarely happens. At least that's the way it feels, and remaining understanding of their abilities and inabilities becomes more and more stressful.

I like to think there are ways for everyone in the family to get what they need. I like to look for the win/win scenarios. I like to find the "yes" to every demand. But then there are many moments when I feel overwhelmed by this high ideal and just feel like a fish out of water. Flop, flop. Gasp, gasp!

I try to be honest with Joran in these moments and tell him how I absolutely need a time-out for myself. Wonderfully, he often understands. Unfortunately, there are times when I can't even make this level-headed request and I end up growling or glaring at Joran (like today), and he gets the message that I need a time-out without any words from me.

This blog is a wonderful place to remind me of the happier moments and now maybe even a place to vent a little on those dumpy moments, too.

I think I'll go back and give him a hug and say thanks for a bit of space and quiet time and get on with the day.

Live well!
Jolene =)

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  1. Jolene, this happens - more often than the unschooling blogs would lead you to believe. Good for you for taking care of yourself and calling time out for yourself - and good for your son to recognize the need when you don't.