Monday, June 22, 2009

The Best Place for Us Right Now

Geneva is the best place for us right now!

The number one thing I love about Geneva is that it has been a springboard for my personal growth. I believe that outer struggles I have are a result of what I've got going on inside -- my vibration, in Law of Attraction speak. Having many challenges and being so far removed from "the story of my life" that my left-brained ego had manufactured, I was able to understand myself, trust myself, value myself and believe in myself on a new level. The lonliness that I felt in the early days pushed me to build a community of online friends who are an essential part of discovering these parts of myself. My cells swell with appreciation for them and all that I have, and inner peace is no longer something I experience when all of the conditions are perfect. I now know from the inside out that the value of myself needs no justification.

And there are so many other things to love about Geneva:

1. The scenery is beautiful! White swans glide on crystal-clear water against a backdrop of various mountains peaked with snow. We have a close-up view of Mont Saleve, part of the Alpine range. Sunsets turn the layers of white rock a rosy pink. We can also hike this mountain, take a cable car or drive up. From Lake Geneva, we can see some of the higher Alps, and riding a boat to other cities along the lake is pure relaxation.

2. Location, location, location... Geneva is in the middle of Europe!

3. We are much closer to John's family than we used to be, and have enjoyed their visits here and our visits in the Netherlands.

4. My French has improved in the last 1 1/2 years.

5. Lots of parks, including the Jardins Botaniques, which has a great sandy playground and fountain, and the most whimsical carousel I've ever seen. And including Parc des Bastions, where you can play chess and checkers with pieces so big that you have to pick them up with both hands -- very cool.

6. House calls when you need to have your blood drawn, because there are so many pharmacies that they compete for your business.

7. Croissants, light and warm, melting in my mouth.

8. Prada, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Armani, and more... anytime I have an urge for some good window licking... I mean window shopping.

9. Not having to check the bus schedule because I know another one will be there within minutes.

10. English spoken almost anywhere in case I'm in a pinch.

11. Open markets here and there and everywhere throughout the week, including Plainpalais, which also has a flea market twice each week.

12. Being able to find almost everything we want and being able to live pretty much the way we want to.

13. Jasmijn was born here.

14. I suppose I could go on and on, because I am finally really feeling happy here, enjoying summer, knowing that Geneva's not our forever-home, but The Best Place for Us Right Now!

Live well!
Jolene =)

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