Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yvoire, France

How's life? Not too shabby.

Dad has a new linen hat. Very classy! What happened to you, Mom? You look really happy, in any case.

Me and my blue-eyed girl

Grandpa Jerry, Grandma Elaine and Joran

We took a boat to the medieval town of Yvoire, France. This is one of four ice cream stops that we made that warm, sunny day. Grandma has sported her Obama T-shirt multiple times in the last 4 weeks. She's so proud of it and many Genevans and others have given her the thumbs-up.

Lac Leman/Lake Geneva is always lovely! The lake and the mountains are always near the top of my list of things I appreciate in my life! They're always outranked by these two wonderful guys, however!

Do you like my new hat?

Costco beef jerky...Yum!

I always recommend a trip to Yvoire. We've been there several times. It's relaxing, we enjoy lunch at a small place a bit off the main path, views are great, there's a lovely walk through the farmland countryside just behind the town -- it's so very French! The people are friendly and it's listed as one of the most beautiful towns of France.

Love, Jolene =)

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