Thursday, September 3, 2009

Life Gets Even More Interesting

I know I have run this photo before, but it absolutely matches my emotions of late! A picture is worth....


We have been in a whirl over here! There is so much to update! I've been pretty secretive about it on my blog, because John was waiting to give his resignation at work, and however slim, I did not want to take any chances on his company finding out anything through my blog. Anyways, as you've probably guessed, or have been told through secret calls and e-mails, John has a new job and we are moving back to Seattle.

Who will John be working with? Microsoft? Nope. PopCap Games. It's a small casual games company of only about 300 employees based in Seattle with a few other worldwide locations. You might have seen one of their games, Bejeweled, on Facebook. We also play Feeding Frenzy and Plants vs Zombies. The games are cool and the company is a real winner! I can't wait to get to know the company personally -- John came back with awesome reports after his interviews.

Not sure on the details of the move, but in the meantime, we are selling as much as possible and giving away a lot, too. We love simplifying our lives and clearing clutter, but we're also trying to fit into one of the small shipping containers. It's fun, but certainly adding another level of busy-ness to our lives. I really feel like my head is spinning these days!

Joran and Jasmijn are handling it all in their own ways. Today I complimented Joran and said how impressed I was with how he was handling all this. "You're taking it like a man," I said. "No, Mommy," said Joran, "I'm taking it like a ninja!" My sweet boy! Jasmijn buries her head in my chest and cries out every time someone new comes to the door. She spends a lot of time in the sling.

Before we know it, all of our things will be moved and the apartment will be ready for new tenants. Before we know it, we'll be hanging out with Mickey Mouse and saying our good-byes to John's family. Before we know it, we'll be walking into our new home! Before we know it!

Live well!

Jolene =)


  1. That *is* exciting, Jolene! I can't wait to reconnect with you guys and meet your new girl in person.

    BTW, we're huge PopCap fans. LOVE Bejeweled (the original and the Blitz on FB) and we (Philip and I) recently bought BookWorm and have been playing it together at night. Such fun!

    Good luck with the packing and the moving. What a big job! It'll be great to have you back here. :-)

  2. Wow Jolene! Now I have to check out these games. I don't envy you the move- getting from NH to TX was too big a job- but wishing you all the best in your new adventure. Peace and happiness!