Saturday, April 18, 2009

Frustrated with blogging!

Why can't I delete photos after I've published a post?
Why aren't the spaces showing up between paragraphs in my first post?
Why am I so illiterate?


  1. Hey there! Oh I have been here with blogger frustration! I saw your link on the Radical Unschooling with LOA, and I hope I can help you just a little (I am a fairly new bloger). Add spaces by first getting to the edit posts page, and select edit (rather than view) next to the post you want to change. Once you have the post up, instead of adding spaces on the COMPOSE tab, switch to the EDIT HTML. This is scary the first time you do it! You will see your post with a bunch of < div > marks. This is where you add the space. Try it, and you can also delete spaces here (like between your photos that are far apart). You can also delete photos here. Although you should be able to delete them on the compose page, just click on the photo, and use your delete key.

    Good luck, I know I learn a little about this every time I blog. It looks great so far!

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  3. Don't be too hard on yourself..... i'm still trying to figure it all out 6 months into blogging. you got some great suggestions above.