Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Successful Messes

Here's a project Joran and I worked on together.

When it comes to some things, like paint, I have to be involved, because I'm not quite ready to deal with the mess that happens when I'm not right there to wipe up, direct and control the mess as it's happening. And I'm not okay with nagging Joran or using punishments, threats or rewards to be less messy.

This particular project will be memorable for me, because as I was working on one of the firecrackers, I told Joran that I would love to take an art class someday to learn how to paint well. He said to me, "But Mommy, you already paint really well." Aaaawww!

There is one place where I've totally let go. This is the construction site Joran has made of our back balcony.

And this is the washable rug I'm so thankful for where he leaves his boots. This rug has been everywhere I've lived since my beautiful friend Ayesha gave it to me in college, and it still looks great... after a trip through the wash. Thanks Ayesha!

Life is messy!
Jolene =)


  1. I love the construction site!

  2. What a wonderful construction site! Washable rugs are great for muddy boots and shoes, we have one by the door to our garden.
    I found your blog on the radical unschooling with LOA yahoo group and think it looks great :)